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Our agency presents single Ukrainian women from Poltava, Ukraine who are looking for love and marriage.

We live in Poltava and actively manage our agency.

"Tired of being scammed! Give us a try,We will not let you Down Period"


It will tell you 100% what we are all about

L   I   K   A          M   A   R   G   A   R   I   T   A          V   I   C   T   O   R   I   A          L   U   D   M   I   L   A          D   A   R   Y   A

Many agencies accept all women into their agency even thought they are not marriage oriented inorder to build up there database,


Each women in our agency is interviewed in-depth inorder to make sure her intentions are sincere, honorable and marriage oriented.

We only accept women in our agency who express these high standards to us.





093 688 8263

(917) 382-7992














( 9 1 7 ) 3 8 2 - 7 9 9 2

A USA number that rings right here in Ukraine

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093 688 8263

(917) 382-7992















 D    A    R    Y    A 



E    K    A    T    E    R    I    N    A



L    U    D    M    I    L    A 



L    I    K    A



J    U    L    I    A



M    A    R    G    A    R    I    T    A 



I    N    N    A



V    I    C    T    O    R    I    A    



K    A    T    E    R    I    N    A


A    L    I    A    N 


As you can see by viewing our website your savings are much greater at our agency than with Kiev Connections, Kherson Girls and

many other marriage agencies here in Ukraine. With our nine free offers, money back guarantee and personal customer

service we are setting a higher standard for marriage agencies and hope that you will give our agency a try.


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Carl and Gregory

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