A        L         I         N        A

ID KH-270

Age  -  21

Zodiac  -  Libra

Birthday  -  October 30, 1997

Height  -  163 cm (5 ft 4 in)

Weight  -  50 kg (110 lbs)

Hair  -  Blonde

Eyes  -  Blue

Marital Status  -  Single

Home  -  Kharkiv, Ukraine

Body Type  -  Slim

Seeks Partner  -  25 - 39

Children  -  None

Occupation  -  Philologist

Language  -  English Level 3 (Has knowledge of basic English)

German Level 3 (Has knowledge of basic German)

Religion  -  Christian Orthodox

Smoker  -  No


I always strive to become better. I am confident. I am open to everything new and I really want to meet a man I can build a healthy, harmonious and monogamous relationship. I have a nice, feminine shape.  My values are based on Christianity. I believe that being loyal to one's spouse is an integral part of a relationship. I am rational, thoughtful, I can support an emotion, depending on a situation. I am healthy. I can plan a travel, I can be a real travel partner, I strive to travel all over Earth. I am energetic, goal-oriented, if I do not know answers to questions, I can find those answers. I can love both passionately and deeply calmly, depending on my partner's emotional need at the moment. I dream to have my own business (language school), a loving family or a long-term relationship with a man who I will love and who will love me. I picture my future family life with no cheating, no alcohol, no major disagreements. 


In my free time I enjoy going in for sports (roller-skating, skiing, bicycling and other seasonal sports), watching interesting films, attending the English language clubs. I love traveling.

I Search for

He is independent, well-educated, well-mannered, he knows exactly how to build a relationship. Non-smoker. He is older than. He is tall and fit. He is a successful entrepreneur, an efficient manager. He is single, ready to have a relationship and a family. He has moral values, he is loyal to his wife. He and I would have similar nature, similar traits. He enjoys traveling with his family all over the world. He is optimistic, energetic, able to cope with stress, with a sense of humor, tactful, considerate, manly, somewhat romantic, he understands and accepts female psychological traits.