V        A         L         E        R         Y

ID KH-271

Age  -  22

Zodiac  -  Cancer

Birthday  -  June 26, 1996

Height  -  163 cm (5 ft 4 in)

Weight  -  51 kg (112 lbs)

Hair  -  Blonde

Eyes  -  Brown

Marital Status  -  Single

Home  -  Kharkiv, Ukraine

Body Type  -  Slim

Seeks Partner  -  26 - 54

Children  -  None

Occupation  -  Psychologist

Language  -  English Level 3 (Has knowledge of basic English)

Religion  -  Christian Orthodox

Smoker  -  No


I am kind, calm, emotionally stable, tactful, neat, amenable, with a sense of humor, interesting to talk to. 

I believe that a person should be beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. It is interesting for me to live, to discover new things. In the future I would like to meet a man for a long-term happy relationship, to have my own happy family on my husband’s turf, a stable life, and in several years to plan to have children (by mutual wish).


In my free time I enjoy taking walks in beautiful parts of the city, jogging in the park, traveling, spending time with my friends over a cup of tea. In summertime I enjoy boating and in wintertime I enjoy ice skating, skiing, going to concerts, to interesting exhibitions or museums. Also my hobbies include learning the English language, sometimes reading and cooking.  

I Search for

26-42. He is a stable man, both emotionally and physically. He is loyal, caring, patient, well-balanced, financially secure. He seldom drinks alcohol. He takes care of himself both physically and emotionally. He is open to new adventures, yet he can spend an evening at home. I am not looking for an ideal human being. :=)

A relationship between two people requires work, and some difficulties would solidify the relations in this union.