Why Poltava?

Our ladies live in or right outside of Poltava, in what I would call villages or suburbs. In almost all cases they live with there parents or grandparents. Poltava reminds me of Mayberry, a nice small quaint town were everybody knows everybody. But at the same time its not to small and has many things that a larger city has. Poltava has many nice restaurants, cafes, shoppes, malls, super markets, discos and night clubs. One of the new malls here has a ice skating rink and bowling alley in it and the other one has a state of the art movie theater. The main street, the street I live on is something like you would see on a post card showing a street at the turn of the century. The  name of the main street is October Street and has no cars on it and is made from kabul stone. The street lights are over one hundred years old and when you walk down the street you feel like you have just walked back in time. Poltava also has a McDonalds and two Burger Clubs. Most of our clients feel that the women in Kiev and other large cities in Ukraine are more westernized and only want money and not love and marriage like the ladies in smaller towns. I personally feel that this is because in larger cities in Ukraine the cost of living is much greater than here in Poltava. I am sure there are more reasons that I do not know about why the ladies are different here in Poltava. If we feel that a lady is not sincere about wanting love and marriage we will not have her in our agency. I lived in Kiev for four years before I moved to Poltava and in those four years I went to many marriage agencies in Kiev. In those years I never met a sincere lady or a lady who did not want money from me.