Place a Ad

Please contact us for details if you would like to put a personal ad on

the front page of the local paper here in Ukraine

(Above and below is a example of the ad on the front page)


Dear Ladies!


 My name is Humberto and I am from Santiago de Chile

  and I am looking for a good woman for marriage.I am 42

     years old and I am looking for a lady between 30 and 36.

      My occupation is a Engineer and I recevie a good salary inorder to

        rise a family here in Chile.I am a good.caring and kind man. I am

         looking for a loving and caring women who will move to Chile

           and shear my life with me.I am coming to Poltava this spring

             and we can meet at this time.My agent in Poltava is Cinderella

             Marriage Agency and they have more information about

                 me .Please contact them if you are interested in meeting me.

Kind Reguards