ID 362

Age  -  43

Zodiac  -  Cancer

Birthday  -  December 1, 1980

Height  -  171 cm (5 ft 7 in)

Weight  -  55 kg (110 lbs)

Hair  -  Blonde

Eyes  -  Grey

Marital Status  -  Single

Home  -  Barcelona, Spain

Body Type  -  Slim

Seeks Partner  -  34 - 60

Children  -  Daughter (14 years old)

Occupation  -  Entrepreneur

Language  -  English Level 3  (Has knowlledge of basic English)

Religion  -  Christian Orthodox

Smoker  -  No


I really love to travel. Been to over 35 countries.


I know who and what I want, very disciplined, purposeful. No bad habits, I don't smoke and I don't drink

at all. I go in for sports regularly. I love walking outdoors. I travel a lot and have been to more than 35countries.

I am an educated, erudite person, I have many positive qualities, such as kindness, empathy, help ...

Always for quality, but not quantity, in everything! And as for men too.

I search for  

Human. With which it will be mutually comfortable, interesting and at the same time we will remain

ourselves. Warmth, tenderness, Mutual respect.